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HDPE-HIgh Density Polyethylene
The strongest, safest horse fence available today.Vinyl Coated Hi Tensile Wire
Excellent strength and visibility.  Easy to install.4 Rail Vinyl
Maintenance free fencing with a LIFETIME Warranty.Custom Entry GateHDPE-High Density Polyethylene available in custom colors.Massive Western Dowel
Rugged yet beautiful.  Durable wood posts are 7" diameter.  Rails are 5" diameter.Rustic Western Dowel
Debarked to create a natural rustic look.3 Rail VinylStandard Western Dowel
Posts are 5" diameter and rails are 3.5" diameter.
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Welcome to Estate Fence Supply. 

The owner of Estate Fence Supply has been in the fencing business for over 20 years, including installation and design.  We serve both contractors and home owners alike. 

With personal and professional experience in the horse industry, Estate Fence offers the "safest" horse fence materials on the market and is available to offer its extensive knowledge to your next fencing project. 

Estate Fence will answer your installation questions or provide top notch referrals for installation.

On site pick up or local and nationwide delivery available.

-Vinyl fencing available in standard white
or sand

-Vinyl Gate Kits

-Massive, Rustic and Regular Post and Rail

-High Density Polyethylene
Strongest, safest, shatterproof (standard  
and custom colors available)

-Ornamental Iron Gates (standard and  
custom designs)

-Pressure Treated Wood Posts

-Vinyl Coated Hi Tensile Wire